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A Defining Chapter program is a creative curious compassionate partnership between you and your coach. ​

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A Defining Chapter coach is not just a business coach. We’re trained in powerful creative brainstorming methods and are here to help you author your own future. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a team member or team leader, a founder, campaigner, or somebody looking to create an exciting, authentic career, we offer crucial insight and support. We’re here to encourage and nurture every aspect of your life and work. Nothing is too big or too small, too silly, strange, absurd, or vulnerable. We are here for everything you have going on. We want to know about your worldview. Your personal challenges. And every aspect of your dream life and career. Whilst we’re completely bespoke, please see below for a small glimpse of what we have to offer. o.


Let your coach take an inventory of your life and work. Converse and collaborate with them to get clear on the fine details of your values and vision. Create an exciting image of the kind of leader you want to be. Step-by-step, build on your successes and radically upgrade your working ability to delegate, time-manage, innovate, and create stronger, more productive relationships, to grow, earn, and define your own legacy, and meanwhile make time and energy for a full and vibrant personal life away from your desk.

“Executive coaching realises an average ROI of almost SIX TIMES the cost of the coaching itself” (Manchester Inc.).

Performance Coaching

Getting to where you want to be in life, at work, isn’t easy. Most people have no strategy. They let life and opportunity drift by. Choose to engage a Defining Chapter coach and we’ll increase your performance by guarantee. Build confidence. Disentangle conflict at work or in your personal life. Create things. Manage projects. Overcome self-doubt. Procrastination. Plan, energise and execute your daily tasks like you’re actually building something special. Work with your coach and let life and work be fun again.

“99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the experience.” (ICF Global Coaching Study)

Group Coaching

Your group or team is only good if people work well together. We are experts in workshop design. Where there’s conflict, let us teach your members to navigate and benefit from it. Let us teach them to think creatively. Coach and encourage each other. Time-manage. Reach out for help. Stay focused. Productive. Let us re-design your entire make-up until you’re fizzing with ideas and working well together. Group coaching increases collective and individual wellbeing, and it means creating self-sufficient leaders among your personnel.

“When training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone.”

Creative Culture+

Defining Chapter is totally unique in the business coaching arena. Many people speak about introducing a “coaching culture” in the workplace. The benefits are HUGE: employee retention, better wellbeing, higher productivity, etc. What we do on top of this is teach every single one of your team to innovate. Creative thinking is the source of even higher levels of productivity and wellbeing. And since we come from backgrounds in creative writing, copywriting, and workshop design, we know how to inspire creativity in anyone we work with. Creative Culture+ involves a radical, wholesale change in your company culture. Let us work with you for a period of 6 to 12 months and witness your entire organisation transform from within.
"Managers with coaching skills increased business performance by a huge 130%” (—imagine how much this will increase if every member coaches each other.

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