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A new way to transform
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About Us

Defining Chapter

[dih-fahy-ning chap-ter]

noun (abstract)


A powerful alternative to traditional business coaching.


A verge or precipice, beyond which you, your career, team, or business choose to do things differently, to ramp up your confidence, wellbeing, innovation and productivity at the same time.


A mighty vehicle for total change, using coaching, creative brainstorming, strategy sessions, and progress reports to launch you into the next phase of your journey.

How We Do It

The ARC Method



Approach the core issues you're facing with your coach. Articulate your vision.​



Respond to this. Renew yourself through action and realise your potential.



Collaborate with your coach to chronicle your transformation with a progress report.

Which Training Would You Like To Explore?


Create yourself afresh. Free up your time. Manage conflict. Get better at delegating, enrolling, enlisting, and inspiring. Manage your health, wellbeing, and productivity at the same time. Work with your coach to define what kind of leader you want to be and… make it happen together.

Individual Coaching

Get clear on your values. Your vision for life. Where you want to be in your career. With your colleagues. Your hobbies. Friendships. Relationships. Family. Take a 360 degree look at all you have going on. Then work with your coach to create a defining chapter in your journey.

Teams: Collaborate. Brainstorm.

Learn to time-manage, resolve conflict, support and coach each other to creative and innovative solutions. Enhance your individual abilities whilst learning to enjoy new energy and wellbeing together.

Creative Culture+

For founders and CEOs: introduce a creative coaching culture in your organisation. Teach your every staff member to step into a position of authentic leadership, to work together, support and nourish each other, and to elevate team projects. Let them lead organically from within.

Our Impact

We work intensively with entrepreneurs, leaders, projects builders, managers, as well as individuals hoping to build the perfect life within (and around) the work they do.

Meanwhile, we work with groups, teams, and entire organisations on a structural level, to elevate collective performance and transform working cultures.

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